Meeting the expectation of end user is getting tougher day by day. Users have hands on experience on using sophisticated website development and expect to deliver the same level of experience. Any web development that is not compelling is due to be discarded, wasting the time and efforts spend in developing them.

We at AMBC perfectly understand the ups and downs of the market. We just not tend to see it from a developers perspective, but rather see it from an end users perspective. Such in-depth understanding of the market is something we have reserved for our clients. We just don’t believe in creating designs that just aesthetically appealing or functionally appealing. We believe in something that’s appealing in both aspects and appalling in none.

The process of building a web development starts with

Understanding the requirement

This is the most important part as we call it. The process starts with listening to the requirements such as the target customers, the role the application would play in the larger perspective, delivery. We get to the grass root level such that any aspect that the website design should deliver is not overlooked.

Design and Coding

Design of the application is one of the greatest influencers. As AMBC focuses on the functional excellence, it puts in the best efforts to make the design look the best in class. Our experienced developers now start working on coding each webpage. They keep in mind the scalability, usability and stability while coding the websites.


The website design is tested to its extremes to ensure that the application delivers the best under every stage it is anticipated to pass through. Through rigorous testing the design is checked whether it satisfies both usability and functionality.


Once the web design process is done and it’s time to launch your website to the world. To bring online presence, Ambc team use social media sites to help you share your site Once the site is on live, we will be close the deal with promise “no worries everything done as per customers requirements”. Ambc can also offer a brief overview of how things work if you aren’t too confident to get you started.